How much work is it for me to prepare and gather the information for a study?

In almost all cases the work related to information gathering is measured in a few hours.

What if I don’t have all the data points needed to conduct a study?

CA has tools to gather or estimate data points that are otherwise to expensive to obtain or not available.

If much of our economic benefit is ‘social’ instead of economic, can you measure that benefit?

Yes, CA is experienced in ‘monitizing’ social impacts so they can be better visualized and appreciated.

How hard is it to read the reports and will I be able to explain the report to others?

How hard is it to read the reports and will I be able to explain the report to others?
CA has years of experience delivering reports that are easy to understand and although they are prepared with best-practices techniques they are also non-technical.

How are other businesses and orgs using their impact studies?

Many organizations use their reports to demonstrate their economic value to boards, donors and communities. Today, organizations are adding impact studies to their grant requests to show funding agencies the value of investing in their unique project.

Is it expensive to have an economic impact study?

CA’s impact reports are a fraction of custom studies. Our studies use widely-accepted solutions and communities and businesses no longer need to pay expensive costs or to spend months preparing custom datasets.

How secure is the information I provide?

CA’s software, analysis and reports are maintained in a secure ‘cloud’. They are protected with layers of redundancy and security.

Who will have access to my reports?

Your reports are maintained confidential and only available to you as the client.

How long will it take to get an analysis?

In most instances a study can be completed within 10 working days, there is also an option for 3 day rush reports.

What should I look for in selecting a firm to conduct my study?

Experience is the analyst’s most important asset. CA analyst have more than 15 years progressive experience across a wide variety of projects. They specialize in knowing what information is important and which is not, they are experienced in structuring the study to maximize its impact. CA analysts are trained in evaluating both the economic and social impacts and will guide their clients through a process to gain the most beneficial use of the study.

I have a ‘multiplier’ – won’t that serve my needs instead of an economic impact study?

Two decades ago some organizations used multipliers to show their impacts. The thought was that if everyone used the same number, even if it was a wrong number, at least the relative differences could be measured. Today, professional analysis is based on unique market and sector data and the resulting studies have proven that multipliers are not based in fact. Knowing the facts improves the ability of an organization to express its true community benefit. Modern donors, commissions, and businesses are looking for truthful economic impact studies that are prepared with thoughtful analysis.