Economic Impact Analysis

Circle Analytics (CA) performs economic impact analysis for a wide-variety of clients using proprietary software and data sets. CA is different from other analysts because it has invested considerable time understanding how to best reflect economic benefits as well as the social impacts.

CA uses data sets that are specific to each US market and can dramatically reduce the costs of custom studies. Our experience represent years of accumulated information that is both market-specific and also industry sector-specific. Each community has its own very unique business matrix and much like fingerprints each has its own unique dataset. A million dollars of expenditures in one market will often produce dramatically different impacts than the same million dollars invested in another market and in the same sector. CA uses this information to prepare its studies.

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Customized Client Surveys

Our top priority for designing customer surveys is to obtain a large percentage of useful, meaningful responses. We are successful in this goal with compelling, succinct survey questions that are matched to the respondent. For some national clients we are achieving response rates in excess of 90% and in most instances we can guarantee a client a response rate of 30% or more.

Year-over-year responses allow us to provide trend analysis and annual comparisons. With multiple years the work product and process increases in efficiency.

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